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Make YouTube Videos Using Animoto

The popularity of online video has really caught on thanks to social networking sites YouTube, MetaCafe and others. This trend shows no signs of stopping - in fact, according to comScore, "78.5 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video."

Many people have become familiar with the concept of communicating via video whether it is for personal introductions, how-to tutorials, inspirational messages, music videos or plain advertising and marketing.

Though a lot of people are catching on with the trend, most of them are not savvy or comfortable enough making a video. And a lot of those who are making videos, don't know how to make quality productions. YouTube is flooded with millions of videos, so how do you stand out from the key ingredient, QUALITY! In the past couple of years, I've researched several video-making sites and have found one that stands out from the rest in terms of simplicity, user-friendliness, quality and speed. Welcome to the world of ANIMOTO!

On this web page, I'm going to show you all you need to know about Animoto and how you can easily make quality videos to share on YouTube, email to friends, post on social networks like Facebook, Twitter as well as embed them into your blog or website.

Stats Info Source: comScore

How to Make Animoto Videos?

Below is a quick tutorial on how to create Animoto videos using your pictures.

Basically, you choose a video template, upload your pictures, choose the music, and let Animoto do the rest. Once the video is completed, you will get an email. You can then share it on social media sites, email it to your friends, or even upload it to YouTube. If you’re not satisfied with the video, you can redo it with a click of a button. Below are a few key points to note when creating your Animoto videos:

  • Pictures should be in JPEG, GIF, or PNG format;
  • Picture should be no larger than 5MB in size (1024x768 pixels);
  • On average, 20 to 40 items (text, images, and video clips) get displayed per minute of video, depending on the tempo of the song you choose;
  • Music files should be in MP3 format & not exceed 10MB in size;
  • You cannot use the free version of Animoto's service for commercial purposes.

As you will notice from the video tutorial, it is easy to use and you can turn your pictures into cool music videos. In the sections below, you will find many sample videos that I’ve created using Animoto which have been also posted in YouTube. I’ve used this video platform extensively and would definitely recommend it.

Sample Animoto Video #1: Port Credit Mississauga

This is an Animoto video I created from nature pictures I took at Port Credit in Mississauga, Canada. I’m always amazed by the natural beauty that surrounds us everyday. I used a cool-looking nature video template for this video using my Pro membership which can be used for commercial purposes as well. It’s a 3:18 minute video.

Sample Animoto Video #2 : Blessings of a Family

This is an Animoto video I created as a tribute to a wonderful family I met in Canada, over 5 years ago, who have been a huge blessing in my life. This video was created from pictures taken. I used the Original template to create this video as well as the music from in-house library. It’s a short 1:08 minute video.

Sample Animoto Video #3: Spa Shalom on Simcoe Inauguration

This is an Animoto video I created from pictures I took at a friend’s inauguration of her Spa Shalom in Jackson’s Point, Simcoe County, in Ontario, Canada. A beautiful and relaxing Spa in a small community. For this video, I used the Air template on my Pro account. The video is 2:17 minutes long.

Sample Animoto Video #4: Product Video of Perplexus 3D Maze Game

This video below is a product video which I created with Animoto by using pictures taken of the Perplexus 3D Puzzle as a means to promote it on YouTube. Along with the Perplexus product pictures that I took, I was also able to embed a short video clip within this video. I used the Original template and used the commercially licensed music available with the Pro membership.


About Animoto

Animoto Productions is a group of experts in technology, film and TV producers who collaborated to generate professionally produced videos with their proprietary design to make it available to lay people.

Based in New York with an office in San Francisco, the founders of Animoto include veterans of the entertainment industry and have produced shows for MTV, Comedy Central, & ABC, studied music in London, and played in indie rock bands in Seattle.

The heart of Animoto is its newly developed Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology that thinks like an actual director and editor. It analyzes and combines user-selected images, video clips and music with the same sophisticated post-production skills and techniques that are used in television & film.

Animoto has won numerous awards including Mobie Awards, Webby Awards, American Business Awards, and others. Personally, I’m impressed with their product, willingness to hear customer feedback and implement changes, as well as their excellent customer service.

Who Can Benefit from Using Animoto?

I don’t know about you, but I like to take pictures and capture moments, be it a great scenery, moments with family or friends, or just something funny.

And now with the flood of pictures all over, one needs to have innovative ways to present their pictures rather than just plain picture albums or slide shows. How about a professional-looking music video?

So really anyone can benefit from using Animoto, however, here is a list of people who will definitely benefit from it and leverage the power of Animoto for personal use as well as in their business: Photographers, Real Estate Agents, Small Businesses, Bloggers, YouTubers, Artists and the list goes on.

Animoto Help: Online Help Using Animoto Videos

If you need help with your Animoto videos in terms of sharing them on social networks online, uploading your videos to YouTube, downloading your videos to your computer, or embedding them to your website or blog, visit the help websites below for step-by-step instructions.

How do I share, post, or email my Animoto videos?

This website link above will guide you through the process of sharing your Animoto videos on online social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites, as well as emailing it to your family and friends.

How do I post my Animoto video to YouTube?

This website link above will guide you through the steps required to upload your Animoto videos to YouTube. Uploading your videos to YouTube can greatly increase your chances to share your cool videos to a larger audience.

How do I download my Animoto video to my computer?

This website link above will walk you through the step-by-step process on how to download your Animoto videos from the back-office to your computer's hard-drive.

How do I embed my Animoto video onto my website?

This website link above will show you the process on how to go about embedding your Animoto videos to your website or blog. By embedding your videos to your website, you can make it public and share it with a broader audience.

Share Your Experience Creating Animoto Videos:

It’s a fact that the popularity and effectiveness of online video marketing is growing rapidly. Do you plan to leverage from this increased trend? Or are you already benefiting from it? Share your thoughts on using video. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment!