Hi, this is AJ Godinho and welcome to my blog. I'm a Human Resources professional, an internet marketer, and I trade in the stock markets. I worked in the corporate world for over 15 years, mainly in human resources, in various industries. 

In late 2008, I decided to explore the world of internet marketing. It sure has been a wonderful learning experience and I'm still enjoying the ride. I write on various platforms like Squidoo, EzineArticles, Wizzley, and Bubblews. I also enjoy trading in the stock markets which I've been doing successfully since early 2004.

I have many interests and I write about them on the platforms mentioned above as well as on this blog. Some of these interests include technology, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, helping new Canadian immigrants, nature, philanthropy, healthy living, sports, to name a few. 

I also write product review on various types of products like smartphones, tablets, software applications, toys, music, and many others. If you'd like to get up-close and personal, you can learn more about me at AJGodinho's Lensography.

Finally, I enjoy creating video tutorials on various topics, many of which I've mentioned above. You can visit my YouTube Channel to check my work and feel free to subscribe to my YT channel if you find the How-To videos useful.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This blog uses reputable affiliate programs and Google AdSense for monetization. This means when users click on ads or links to products I recommend in my blog posts, or make a purchase, it can result in a commission that is credited to the author of this blog. Products recommended here are ones I have used or believe that are high quality.