Sunday, October 3, 2010

Talk Fusion: The Future of Video Communication

These past few months, I've been exploring video communication and have had a chance to review a few platforms.

Talk Fusion really stands out in every aspect, but most of all, I like its simplicity and incomparable price offering.

The online video industry is one of the fastest growing industries and is expected to grow ten-fold in the near future.

According to Talk Fusion, over 40 billion emails are sent daily, yet less than 1% of internet users have experienced video email.

Talk Fusion anticipated this trend and created an all-inclusive online video communication platform that includes:

     - Video EMAIL;                                        - Video Share;
     - Video CONFERENCING;                      - E-Subscription Form;
     - Video AUTO-RESPONDER;                  - Fusion Wall.
     - Video BLOG;

Below is a short video that provides an overview of the Talk Fusion video communication products:

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