Monday, April 18, 2011

Blackberry PlayBook Launch

Research in Motion (RIM) officially launches its first tablet PC, the Blackberry PlayBook on April 19, 2011. With the launch of the Apple's tablet PCs, the iPad first generation and subsequent iPad 2, RIM has struggled to keep pace.

The initial reviews of the PlayBook are mixed for many reasons. One of the big ones will be the availability of apps. as well as 3G connectivity. I don't believe consumers will receive the PlayBook as they did the iPad, that is with anxious anticipation.

The PlayBook scores well against the iPad on some features, but overall, it has a long ways to go until they are able to capture and broaden their customer base. I've done an in-depth review of the Blackberry PlayBook vs Apple's iPad 2 which also includes video reviews. Hope this comparison of the two tablet PCs is helpful.

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