Monday, May 23, 2011

iWowWe Video Email & Conferencing

38201110711473300x250.gifiWowWe is a video email and video conferencing platform which makes it easy to create and send cool video email messages to family and friends.

The video email system is free and easy to use, yet very professional. You can customize your video email with hundreds of templates, from the iWowWe library, to suit your needs.

The iWowWe library has hundreds of video templates to choose from for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, invitations to parties, celebrating new born babies, religious holidays, or just a video email message to say "hello" or "thank you".

You can even create your own templates from scratch with simple drag and drop features. The iWowWe system also includes video conferencing functionality at a small cost, however, video email is free. I'm enjoying using it...try it for free!

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