Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day (Celebrations in My World)Wishing all you Canucks out there a Happy Canada Day! Hope you enjoy your long weekend and take the time to appreciate what we have in this great country. Not perfect by any means, but nonetheless blessed.

I was reading a recent article from Reader’s Digest about some Myths About Canadians, one that I found relevant to post this blog on Canada Day was the myth that Canadians Are More Informed than Americans. The article highlighted that Canadians often accuse Americans of being ignorant, especially when it comes to their own country.

Apparently, Historica-Dominion Institute polled Canadians on some history questions and they didn’t fair too well. For instance, 39 percent of Canadians couldn’t identify the year of Confederation (1867). 47 percent of Canadians did not know the first line of the national anthem.

Canadian immigrants who apply for Canadian citizenship need to pass a knowledge test as one of their requirements to secure their citizenship. This citizenship test covers various aspects of Canadian history, culture, economy, geography, government, aboriginal peoples of Canada and the like.

I’ve created several short and fun QUIZZES to help you test your knowledge about Canada. Take these fun quizzes and learn more about our beautiful country, Canada.

Have a safe and enjoyable Canada Day ya'll!

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