Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kindle Fire Retails November 15, 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire is set to retail in approximately 1,600 retail locations in the US market on November 15, 2011. Amazon unveiled its first tablet PC in September 2011 at which point it was made available on pre-order.

Priced at $199, it makes the Kindle Fire very affordable to consumers who could not afford tablets like Apple’s iPad 2, RIM’s Blackberry Playbook and the like.

Since its launch, the Amazon Kindle Fire has garnered a lot of attention from the consumer and analysts expect sales during the Holiday season to be impressive. In fact, as per a survey conducted by ChangeWave and RBC Capital Markets, it is reported that 26 percent of Amazon Kindle Fire buyers plan to delay their purchase of Apple’s iPad 2.

So far, Apple’s iPad 2 has been leading the pack in the tablet market every since they launched their first generation iPad. Other competitor tablets like the Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom, Blackberry Playbook have not been able to gain any significant market share. Though the Kindle Fire can’t really be compared to the iPad 2, it’s in a class of its own and hopes to be a winner.

The Amazon Kindle Fire won’t be an iPad killer, at least in its current state for many reasons. You can read my detailed review on the Pros and Cons of Amazon Kindle Fire to see if it’s right for you. Once you’ve made your decision, you can pre-order the Amazon Kindle Fire.

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