Friday, August 31, 2012

Top Samsung Android Smartphones

Samsung has been manufacturing Android smartphones for the past few years now and has been one of Apple's major competitors. Recently the two companies have battled over patent infringement, but Samsung continues to lead Apple in the smartphone arena.

One of the main reasons that Samsung has been able to dominate the Android market is because the company has been able to design smartphones that cater to a broad audience as opposed to just a single product like the iPhone.

I'm a fan of the Apple iPhone, however, I'm a bigger fan of Samsung smartphones and especially the customizable Google Android operating system which keeps getting better. I especially like the Samsung Galaxy series mobile phones that the company has been manufacturing since 2009. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone released in October 2011 was one of my favourites.

With the rapid advancements in technology and fierce competition, we continue to see newer smartphones with better features and a broader choice. Currently, my favourite Samsung Android smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S3 which I believe is better than the iPhone 4S, of course, it's still a matter of choice.

One of the main reasons I prefer Samsung smartphones is because they have a larger screen and they run on Google's Android operating system. I use my smartphone more for consuming content and using apps, so a bigger screen makes sense. Some users may find the Samsung mobile phones a little too big, especially the new Samsung Galaxy Note. This unique mobile device, with a 5.5 inch display, is more of a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet.

With the ever growing landscape of smartphones, it can be confusing when choosing the best mobile phone for your needs. If you're in the market for Android smartphones, you can check my reviews on the Top Android smartphones in 2012 which includes smartphones from Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, and Sony.

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