Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Firefox 90 Review 2021

Mozilla released Firefox 90 on July 13, 2021. This is the sixth major browser update in 2021. In the previous browser update, Mozilla released the brand new Proton user-interface.

 So this is the second major browser update since the new Proton release. In 2021, Mozilla has been releasing browser updated almost every single month.

This particular update was delayed a little bit, especially given the big Proton release, which is understandable.

In this blog post, I’ll cover some of the key changes in this brief Firefox Review. Most of the changes in this new release are related to privacy protection and security.

First up, enhancement of the SmartBlock feature, a tracker blocking mechanism for Firefox Private Browsing and Strict Mode which was first introduced in Firefox 87.  It is designed to intelligently fix-up web pages that are broken by Firefox's tracking protection without compromising your privacy.

The new enhanced version ensures that you can still use third-party Facebook login buttons, to sign in to websites, while still protecting you from cross-site tracking. You can read more about it from this blog post.

Secondly, Firefox for Windows users, can install Firefox updates, silently in the background, even if Firefox is not running. You will find this setting under “about:preferences”, in the General section, under Firefox Updates. If you want to disable this feature, you can use this Firefox Preference and change the value to False.

Thirdly, in Firefox 90, you’ll find a new Third-party Module Information page. If you type “about:third-party” in the address bar and hit Enter. It will provide information on any modules or apps that are not compatible with Firefox, which can help reduce Firefox crashes, performance or compatibility issues.

Finally, you can set up Exceptions to HTTPS-Only Mode. If you type “about:preferences#privacy” in the address bar and hit Enter, then scroll down to the HTTPS-Only Mode section. There you can activate the new Manage Exceptions button which will allow set up an exception for HTTP sites that you trust.

So these were some of the notable changes in Firefox 90 dubbed Firefox Proton. You can check the list of detailed changes in the RELEASE NOTES. In terms of the Browsermark Benchmark test results, the overall performance of Firefox remained steady compared to the earlier version. On the other hand, Google Chrome has continues to outperform.

Well, hope you found this brief Firefox Review helpful. Feel free to share your feedback based on using the new Proton user-interface. Thanks for stopping by!

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