Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Firefox 100 Review 2022

Mozilla released Firefox 100 on May 3, 2022. This is the fifth major browser update in 2022.

This is the twelfth update for the new Proton user-interface which was released in June 2021. In this blog post, I cover some of the notable changes in this new browser update.

In the past couple of years, Mozilla has been releasing updates almost on a monthly basis for the Firefox web browser. However, not all of their updates include major changes and new features.

In this new Firefox 100 release, there is not much to report in terms of new features, but I will cover a couple of notable changes in this blog post.

First up, an improvement in PiP (or Picture-in-Picture mode). Firefox, now supports captions & subtitles display on YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix videos you watch in Picture-in-Picture. Firefox will also support video captions on websites that use WebVTT (or Web Video Text Track) format like Coursera, CBC, and others.

Secondly, Firefox Spell Check in multiple languages. If you have Spelling Check enabled, Firefox spell checking now checks spelling in multiple languages. You would need to add the respective language dictionaries.

Thirdly, Firefox Color Schemes. Users can now choose preferred color schemes for websites you can do so, by going to “about:preferences” and in the GENERAL tab under the WEBSITE APPEARANCE section.

And lastly, Firefox 100 is the first 3-digit version. This may cause some websites to break due to the new 3-digit number. You can read about it via this blog post.

So, these were a couple of changes in Firefox 100. You can check the list of detailed changes in the Release Notes.

In terms of the Browsermark Benchmark test results, the overall performance of Firefox remained steady compared to the earlier version. On the other hand, Google Chrome continues to outperform. Thanks for stopping by!

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