Saturday, May 8, 2010

Watch Out for these Common Grammatical Errors

Grammatical errors in articles or blogs can make a difference in conveying the message to your readers.

I personally think that it's important to be aware of some especially common grammatical mistakes that can alter the message and make one's writing look sloppy.

I recently created a Squidoo web page where I discuss some of the most common mistakes made by writers and what to do about it.

I discuss the correct usage of the words “There, Their and They're”, “You're and Your”, “Than and Then”, “Its and It’s”, and "Lose and Loose".

English Grammar For DummiesDid you catch the grammatical mistake in the picture above? If not, you better CLICK HERE to review this informational Squidoo lens (web page) and learn how to use these words correctly.

If you think you know your grammar, then challenge yourself to a grammar quiz by CLICKING HERE.

Hope you find this useful and let me know how you did...good luck!

Photo Credit: rojopelo


  1. Hello! Hopped over here from Claire's blog. Looking at your post, for a while I thought you were an English teacher - like me, but I'm retired now. Old man! LOL!!! Cheers!

  2. Hello suituapui, thanks for dropping by my blog. LOL, no I'm not an English teacher but do love to write on various topics. I will drop by your blog shortly. Cheers! : )

  3. I couldn't agree more!! I get so annoyed when I see published/professional items with incorrect spelling or grammar. It looks so unprofessional and they usually lose my business there and then if they're a service of some sort....a restaurant or bar I can live with the errors though, I just have to laugh when I see it. :)

  4. Thanks for your comments and input Crystal! Yeah, I agree those ones that we see in places like restaurants and other public places are to have a good chuckle! :)