Friday, April 30, 2010

World Cup Soccer Fever Is Spreading!

Soccer World Cup Preview 2010The 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament begins in approximately 41 days and soccer fans are waiting in anticipation for one of the most popular sport's tournament in the world.

It happens every four years and a lot happens during this period in terms of the qualifying rounds and preparation by the host country.

South Africa is all set and all eyes will be watching as the curtains open on June 11, 2010 as the host nation takes on Mexico.

I've put together a blog especially for soccer enthusiasts who would like to follow and keep abreast of the happenings at the World Cup...CLICK HERE to go directly to that blog.

Also, I put together a Squidoo page that captures the essence of the 2010 world Cup tournament in one page...CLICK HERE to access this page.

Let the games favourite team is Brazil and I will be cheering them on - how about you?


  1. thank you very much for coming by, Anthony.. so this is your new blog? congratulations! yes, football fever will be on..but i m more on a badminton fan.. tomorrow starts the thomas cup..

  2. Hi Claire, thanks much for dropping by. Yes, this is my new blog on blogger. I've been more on Squidoo, but also like this blogger platform which is a little different from Squidoo. Have fun watching the Thomas Cup. I have a few friends who are into Badminton too!