Sunday, June 30, 2013

New YouTube Features

YouTube has made some recent changes in the past couple of months so viewers and YouTube users can have a better experience. Some of these changes include more relevant videos in the Home Page feed for viewers who are signed-in YouTube. You can now better organize your video content into various sections as well as showcase different Playlists.

One of these changes includes  the introduction of a new “responsive” layout. YouTube content consumers use various types of digital devices with different screen sizes like TVs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The new responsive One Channel YouTube layout will make it possible for YT content to shrink and fit into all these different screen types.

To help YouTubers implement these changes and leverage from these new features, the YouTube Creator Academy organized a free online course. This two-week course, Maximize Your Channel, and was held between June 3 to June 17, 2013. I attended this online course and found it useful. I’ve already implemented many of things I learned during the course and am in the process of implementing others.

Some other new features that YouTube has implemented recently are: you can now receive an email notification once your video has completed uploading to YouTube. Also, the new Publish button helps you hold off on publishing your video until you’re ready. Until, the video is published, it will show as a private video. This is a good feature because you may not want the video to be public until you’ve completed filling out all the other information pertaining to the video.

YouTube has also implemented a pilot program to help some YouTube Partners offer paid channels. All these paid channels, currently have a 14-day free trial. In late May 2013, YouTube also announced the Social Star Awards which will be presented to the most popular in social media.

I like most of these changes, especially the ones related to the new One Channel YouTube layout. You can take a look at my channel by visiting AJGodinho’s YouTube Channel, to see some of the new One Channel layout features.

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