Monday, July 15, 2013

Vulnerability in Android Smartphones

If you’re an Android smartphone user, you may want to pay attention to this security vulnerability which was first reported by Bluebox Security.

Essentially, with this Android vulnerability, hackers are able to take control of any app installed on your smartphone and turn it into a malicious Trojan. And all this activity takes place under the radar without being detected even by the Google App Store because this vulnerability enables the app APK code to be modified without detection. Having done so, the hacker gets complete access to the exploited smartphone(s).

According to Bluebox, this security vulnerability was reported to Google in February 2013. To protect Android smartphone users, it’s manufacturers’ responsibility to provide firmware, however, this is not a consistent process and could leave users vulnerable to security breaches via their smartphones. So Android users are encouraged to be proactive and protect the security of their smartphones.

One thing you can do is beware of the types of apps you download to your smartphone. Secondly, check the Android apps you’ve already got installed on your phone and the settings for automatic updates. Some users may have hundreds of apps installed and therefore opt into the automatic app updates. This can leave your mobile phone vulnerable to updates that may contain malware and spyware. You can check the video below to learn how to disable the auto-update app feature.

Also, Bluebox has come up with a free app called “Bluebox Security Scanner” which can be downloaded at the Google Play (Google’s app store). Basically, this app will check to see if your smartphone is vulnerable; if your phone settings allow non-Google apps to be installed; and will identify specific apps installed on your smartphone that may be attempting to take advantage of this security vulnerability.


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