Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How to Install Cookie Notification Bar in Blogger

European laws have mandated that online publishers provide their EU visitors information regarding their use of cookies on their blogs, websites or apps. Additionally, you may need to obtain consent from your European visitors.

If you are using a Blogger blog, like this one I'm using here, Google has already added a notice on your blog to help meet these requirements. However, if you’ve made changes to your blog template, the notification may not be working properly.

Using your blog URL, you can check to confirm if this cookie notification is working properly on your blog. In order to do so, replace the “.COM” in your blog URL with “.CO.UK” or “.FR” and test it in your internet browser. If you don’t see a cookie notification, it means that the notification is no longer working. There are various free and paid tools online that can help you install a Cookie Notification Bar like the one you see below.

I used a free online tool called Cookie Consent from SilkTide to install the Cookie Notification Bar which you can use on your blog or website. Watch the video tutorial below on “How to Install a Cookie Notification Bar in Blogger” Though, this tutorial is specific to Blogger blogs, you can use the same method to install the Cookie Notification Bar on other blogs or websites.

In order to better understand what you need to do as an on publisher, you can visit this website where you will find relevant information regarding the European Cookie Law. Depending on the type of information you collect from visitors on your blog, website or app, you may have to develop a customized Privacy or Cookie Policy.

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