Tuesday, August 18, 2020

How to Control Tweet Replies on Twitter

Twitter is among the top social media platforms today. Accordingly to stats from the Q1 2019 Earnings report, Twitter had 330 million monthly active users.

Like most social networks, Twitter tests and implements new features and functionality to their website.

A few months ago, Twitter beta tested a reply moderation feature which seems to have been received well by the testers.

So recently, Twitter decided to roll out this new feature across the platform. When you send a tweet out on Twitter, other users are able to respond to your tweets if you have a public Twitter profile.

In the past, when you tweeted, anyone could reply to your tweet, whether they are following you or not.


With this new reply moderation feature, Twitter users will now have 3 options to control who can reply to their tweets. Now, when you tweet, you will see these 3 options are listed below:

  • Everyone: this is currently set as the default option. If you have a public Twitter account, anyone user will be able to reply to your tweet.

  • People You Follow: this option only allows people that you follow on Twitter, as well as people that you @ mention in the tweet, to be able to reply to that tweet.

  • Only People You Mention: this option will allow only people that you @ mention in your tweet to be able to reply.

To see this first hand, you can watch this video tutorial below on How to Control Tweet Replies on Twitter:


  • The above mentioned reply moderation feature applies to only those tweets that you specifically mark as such.

  • If you use one of the reply moderation features to limit replies to your tweets, it will display as such and other users will be able to see that the particular tweet is limited in term of replying.

  • This moderation feature will not limit other Twitter users from liking or sharing your tweet (or re-tweeting it). They will also be able to vote on polls (if your tweet includes a poll).

  • The moderation set for a particular tweet cannot be edited once the tweet is published. You would have to delete the tweet and then create a new tweet.

  • If you delete the original tweet, any replies or retweets (of the main tweet) will lose any previous restrictions that were set.

Overall, I like this new tweet moderation feature because it will provide much more flexibility for certain tweets and users to freely share their opinions without fearing haters out there.

It will also help curb trolls and spammers whom you see very often on Twitter. Have you used this new reply moderation feature? Please feel free to share your thoughts and if you intend to use it on your tweets. Thanks for stopping by!

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