Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Google Chrome Review: User Perspective

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Google Chrome and Chrome OSGoogle Chrome seems to be climbing up fast to be one of the most popular internet browsers. It was introduced in late 2008 and since then has gone through a lot of beta testing.

One of the main reasons most users like Google Chrome is because of its speed. There have been a lot of tests that have been done to compare Chrome’s speed with rivals, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Personally, I’ve found the performance of Google Chrome very impressive in most cases.

Given that I do a considerable amount of blogging as well as create Squidoo web pages, I find Chrome, especially outperforming Internet Explorer and FireFox in terms of speed. I still use Internet Explorer and FireFox as my browsers depending on what I’m doing. I’ve written a separate article on the Benefits of Using Multiple Browsers and you can feel free to chime in.

Though, I use Chrome for some of my online work, FireFox still remains my favourite browser so far because of its overall functionality. However, that may soon change given that Google is consistently improving it, including the introduction of a decent gallery of extensions (or add-ons).

I’ve written an extensive Squidoo web page on the Pros and Cons of Google Chrome, so feel free to check it out and provide your feedback and thoughts on using Chrome as your browser.


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